Welcome to my website!

I'm Danny van der Kolk, indie game developer in my spare time. I live in Heerhugowaard (The Netherlands), am married to my lovely wife Nele (currently working as applications manager), and am the proud father of two beautiful daughters, Sanne and Else. We are also servant to two cats, two rabbits and a beautiful dog☺.

My 'expertise' stretches from oldschool programming languages, like QuickBasic and Turbo-C, to current object oriented programming languages like Visual Basic.NET and Java. I have also built an extensive CMS (Orb Weaver) in PHP, which has been used as the engine for a number of websites. At the moment I'm extending my knowledge by developing a game in JavaFX, working with the NetBeans IDE. If you would like to read more about Java and it's possibilities visit Oracle's Java website.

I have experience with the following languages and graphics programs:
  • M-Basic and GW-Basic
  • QuickBasic 4 and QBasic
  • Turbo-C 2.01
  • Visual Basic 5 Enterprise edition (Object Oriented)
  • Visual Basic.NET 2003 (Object Oriented)
  • PHP 4 and some Perl (CGI)
  • Oldschool JavaScript and HTML (also known as D(ynamic)HTML)
  • Intermediate MySQL
  • JavaFX 8 using NetBeans 8
  • Adobe Photoshop 7 and Paint Shop Pro X8/X9
For examples of programs I've written in Java, click here.

Click here for previously developed (oldschool) software in Turbo-C, QuickBasic and Visual Basic.NET by me. I was also active in webdesign, from 2000 until 2004... click here for some designs by my hand.

Mail to info@dannyvanderkolk.nl for contact and/or more information.
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