Welcome to my website!

I'm Danny van der Kolk, indie game developer in my spare time. I live in Heerhugowaard (The Netherlands) and am the proud father of two beautiful daughters, Sanne and Else. I'm also servant to two cats, one rabbit and a dog☺.

My 'expertise' stretches from oldschool programming languages, like QuickBasic and Turbo-C, to current object oriented programming languages like Visual Basic.NET and Java. I have also built an extensive CMS (Orb Weaver) in PHP, which has been used as the engine for a number of websites. At the moment I'm extending my knowledge by developing a game in JavaFX, working with the NetBeans IDE. If you would like to read more about Java and it's possibilities visit Oracle's Java website.

I have experience with the following languages and graphics programs:
  • M-Basic and GW-Basic
  • QuickBasic 4 and QBasic
  • Turbo-C 2.01
  • Visual Basic 5 Enterprise edition (Object Oriented)
  • Visual Basic.NET 2003 (Object Oriented)
  • PHP 4 and some Perl (CGI)
  • Oldschool JavaScript and HTML (also known as D(ynamic)HTML)
  • Intermediate MySQL
  • JavaFX 8 using NetBeans 8
  • Adobe Photoshop 7 and Paint Shop Pro X8/X9
For examples of programs I've written in Java, click here.

Click here for previously developed (oldschool) software in Turbo-C, QuickBasic and Visual Basic.NET by me. I was also active in webdesign, from 2000 until 2004... click here for some designs by my hand.

Mail to info@dannyvanderkolk.nl for contact and/or more information.
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