From 2000 until 2004 I was the founder and owner of a webdesign company, called Basic Webdesign (not to be confused with the current Basic Webdesign...apparently they couldn't come up with a name of their own). I designed the graphics with Adobe Photoshop and wrote the HTML, JavaScript and PHP code with Textpad...a great editor. The website you are currently looking at has been written using Notepad, for the design I used Paint Shop Pro.
PHP was my language of choice for creating an extensive CMS, called Orb Weaver. This CMS was developed in the course of a few years, and was the main engine for a number of websites, among which were Videoland Alkmaar, Midi Center and Forklift Center. Due to direct cooperation with StartMeUp, a hosting company of which I later became co-owner, Orb Weaver became quite successful.
Some designs by my hand:

















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